Alain Doutre


A lifelong resident of Collingwood, Al has been the IT guy for many business throughout the Georgian Triangle. His knack for finding the best solutions for all users, both business and residential, comes easily for Al. Creative solutions that are cost and time sensitive are what Al looks for when he is working with his clients.


When not creating IT solutions (which isn’t very often), Al spends a significant amount of time volunteering in the community, whether it be for National and Provincial Ski and Snowboard events, assisting youngsters build confidence through sailing activities or coaching and managing youth race programs at the local ski clubs. The rest of Al’s time is spent trying to graduate from his three wheeled trike to a new bicycle.


Darla Kennington


Wordy would aptly describe this member of the Black Trike team. As a content writer and editor for over 12 years, Darla can always find the right words to write words…

A lifelong lover of alliteration she has been known to liven up even the most lifeless topics. Darla subscribes to and consistently employs the ‘rule of three’ to make her writing more engaging, provocative, and memorable. And, as a stickler for standards, she makes it her mission to eliminate spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, and grammatical errors.

Whether you need help honing your message, writing a brochure, or developing content for an entire website, the communication team within Black Trike understands how to use language to create a buzz.


Geoff Jones


As the ‘designer guy’ of this group, Geoff brings over 20 years experience to the web design/development and graphic design division of Black Trike.

A visual person by nature, his keen eye for what works and attention to detail maintains consistent focus over the Black Trike creative team. While committed to design rules and standards, Geoff still loves to push the boundaries and offer up exciting design concepts.


Be it print or web, this seasoned Collingwood designer knows how to mesh creativity with technology.


What makes Geoff successful is that beyond his design acuity, he can decipher vague descriptions to capture the essence of your vision and deliver a product that exceeds client expectations.
Geoff is a career skateboarder, but as he advances in years, he has started to reconsider the relative safety of three wheels and has his eye on a shiny new trike…black of course.


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