WordPress Ninja


The functions of the Ninja include espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination, guerrilla warfare, and a whole lot of WordPress ass-kicking. Must observe strict rules about honour and CODE.
This position is for experienced Ninjas only. Ninja skills required:
  • motivated self-starter
  • keen eye for detail
  • the kinda Ninja that sleeps with your sword is what we have in mind (ALWAYS on edge)
Flexible hours, competitive rates, and lots of opportunities!
$30 to $40/hr based on the quality of your Ninja skills.


If you think you have the skills, lets for a coffee or beer and we can review your work. Be prepared to Bring-it! Time suckers get the sword!


Make it happen!  Call to chat, and/or send your resume and samples of your sword swinging work to

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