MARKETING! Business owners love it, but typically don’t have time to do it. At Black Trike we love marketing. From logo design to company branding, marketing communications to event management, our team can not only help you build individual marketing pieces, but also an overall marketing strategy for your company.
Black Trike is a where we can fulfill all of your marketing needs for a reasonable price. Oh the sweetness!




You know that advertising can get people in the door, but where do you begin? From designing the perfect ad, to choosing the best publications, Black Trike can help you get started and earn a great return on your investment. Better yet, why not have our team help with your online advertising efforts? With services such as Pay per Click advertising we can draw potential clients to your website and increase your online presence. The world of advertising can be confusing and expensive, but with the help of Black Trike you can conquer it quickly.


Branding Services


Company branding includes your logo, corporate message, the emotions you evoke from your customers and more. It can set you apart from your competition and boost your company recognition.


Looking to brand your company? Not a problem! Black Trike can work with you to establish the basics – a company name, logo design and a branding document to help keep you on track. Looking to enhance your existing brand? Great idea! The team at Black Trike can help you further your brand recognition with your existing and prospective clients, ultimately bringing more people in the door. We can also show you new and unique ways of expanding your branding reach – such as bringing it into your office space!


Design Services


Why settle for a template when you can get a custom created design for a reasonable price? Black Trike can custom design some of the most important elements of your business including your business card, logo, website and more. If you regularly communicate with clients, make a lasting impression with a custom HTML email design. Bring new clients in the door with a custom advertisement that incorporates your brand identity. Templates are out…..custom design is in.




If hosting an event means triple the workload for you…say no more! The Black Trike team is experiences in events management and can help you plan and execute your next event. With experience in marketing events, trade show management and more, we’ll make sure your event goals are surpassed and your company comes out looking like a superstar!


Graphic Design and Print Media


Think about how much you currently spend on flyers, mail-outs, handouts, and promotional materials. It’s staggering. However, by sourcing all of your marketing pieces from one place, your current costs could decrease substantially. With Black Trike’s background in graphic design and print media, we have valuable relationships with local printers and suppliers. This all adds up to savings for you both in cost and time.

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