Social Media Marketing


The reach of a Social Media Marketing campaign is limitless, which is why more and more businesses are using social media to get in front of their target audience. An effectively launched and managed campaign translates into increased website traffic and increased sales.
However, the possibilities offered by social media don’t stop there. Social media can be used to monitor and increase brand recognition. And, with brand recognition come customers searching you out for your product or service specifically. Additionally, being present in the social media arena gives you the ability to watch and listen—an important aspect of brand monitoring.
The most common social media spaces to which businesses devote their efforts are Facebook , LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs. Smaller companies can also look to forums to create more focused, consumer-driven social networks specific to their industry.



Why Social Media?


Social Media allow users to interact, connect, and contribute to your business. Your business online community builds by creating and participating in a two-way dialogue with your customers.
Black Trike can help your business become aware of the ways in which social media helps you understand, respond to, and attract the attention of your audience.


TOP 10 reasons small business benefit from Social Media


  1. Free: That’s right, free. What more incentive do you need?
  2. Feedback: Interact with and get feedback from your customers. Take questions, provide support/assistance, and be involved. Most importantly, be the number one authority on your products and services.
  3. Build hype and offer discounts: Use your social media account to inform your audience of upcoming products, features, or services. Create demand before the product/service arrives. Regardless of your following, offer discounts. Give back to a loyal customers. People will not only follow you they will buy.
  4. Create value: Today assets are often data and knowledge. Create value by sharing information. The value of sharing information is immeasurable.
  5. Grow your client base and establish a community: Being in the social media space is designed to create communities. People from all over can ‘virtually’ meet with other like-minded individuals. Establish a community of fans of your brand and generate discussion and ideas – expanding your community and growing your client base naturally.
  6. Forge relationships: Don’t under estimate the power of human interaction. People want to interact with other people. They want to build a relationship and know who you are and that you are just like them.
  7. Build brand loyalty: When people like your brand they tend to buy from you again and again. How do you ensure they stay loyal customers? Provide unmatched goods and services and give something for free—information and community.
  8. Build links: Social media is a fantastic outlet for building links to your website.
  9. Watch the competition: If your competition is using social media, check them out. Watch what they do and learn. If your competition is excelling in the social media space you must too.
  10. Tools like Google Alerts are a great way to see what your competition is up to.
    Monitor trends: Many tools exist to enable you to watch trends unfold. As well, keeping an eye on Facebook and Twitter helps you see what’s cool and what’s in demand.


What We Do


Social media can be used to initiate a dialogue with your target audience and elevate your brand. Black Trike will build a strong campaign to drive traffic and build community. This is what we can do for you:


  • Create you Facebook, flickr, linkdn, Yelp, YouTube and Twitter accounts
  • Place social media icons on your website
  • Tweak each account to best suit your organization’s needs
  • Theme each account with custom graphics/landing pages
  • Develop a basic or extensive (depending on your package selection) social media marketing strategy to provide perspective on post content and when to post it.
  • Provide guidelines on best practices for social media marketing on each account
  • Give one hour or extensive training (depending on your package selection) on how to best use these accounts for social media marketing
  • Integrate your social media accounts with your Facebook page or website
  • Set up and manage email marketing campaigns*
  • Set up, tweak and maintain Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns*
  • Write and distribute articles and press releases
  • Write SEO-friendly blog posts
  • Set up viral marketing using sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, and Reddit
  • Create and/or run contests using social networking accounts

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