Search Engine Optimization


SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is the process of analyzing and optimizing your web site’s design to ensure indexing and improve its position (ranking) in search engines. The goal of SEO is to make your web site visible to search engines and by extension, your customers.


Why SEO?


A beautifully designed web site with excellent content is useless if your site cannot be found using a popular search engine, which is why SEO is our first consideration when building your site.  Search engine optimization, as a part of your internet marketing campaign, is only as effective as the quality and usefulness of your site’s content. There is no substitute for quality content.


If you are serious about SEO and to get the most benefit, our preference is to perform a complete redesign. However, starting from scratch is not always in the budget, so it is possible in some situations to work with your existing design.


What We Do:


Improving your website visibility is our main goal. Our SEO plans include:


  • Keyword research to determine most searched, suitable, and relevant words for your business
  • Thorough optimization of your Home page
  • Optimization of any lower-level pages you choose (for an additional cost)
  • Link building ‘off-site’ links (Reach out to sites with similar keywords. Ideally, you want to obtain links from high quality websites that are related to your target keywords. )
  • Create title tags for all pages
  • Optimize all images
  • Add search engine-specific meta tags for all pages (creating accurate and descriptive meta tags)
  • Improve internal linking structure to improve bounce rates and keep traffic on the site longer
  • Tweak website code to ensure content is easily read by search engines
  • Add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Create Google Maps listing
  • Create sitemap robots file
  • Utilize  Google Webmaster Tools

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